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Book Club - Jennifer Egan's The Candy House

Book Club - Jennifer Egan's The Candy House

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This initiative is an in-depth interview with acclaimed author Jennifer Egan about her latest novel, "The Candy House."

The discussion, steered by Karah Preiss from Belletrist alongside guest host Betty Cayouette, explores a plethora of intricate themes that the book presents, such as the impacts of technology on society, the nuances of collective consciousness, the personal ramifications of shame, and the pervasive influence of social media on our lives. It promises a rich, multifaceted dialogue that brings to light the many layers and characters of Egan's work, using a diverse array of narrative styles.

MCM Creative is credited with producing the interview, which was entirely filmed in the specialized setting of our white cyc studio B, ensuring a professional backdrop for this enlightening exchange.

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