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From subtle tonal adjustments to bold creative choices, our colorists artfully refine the mood and atmosphere of your content to bring out the true essence of your vision.
Once the color is just right, trust us to handle every aspect of your film or video finishing with accuracy and precision.

Color Grading


Digital Dailies

Film & Video Retouching



DCP Production

HDR Deliverables


Outfitted with a calibrated 55" monitor and a comfortable couch for clients.



  • Rec.709 and DCI-P3 color space mastering

  • Davinci Resolve Studio color grading and mastering system

  • Mac Studio Ultra

  • Separate iMac Pro for on-site editorial, assistance, deliverables/transcodes

  • 40 terabyte on-site server 

  • Large stereo monitors for stereo playback with color grade

  • D65 SMPTE compliant bias lighting

  • Remote grading ready

  • High speed internet for deliverables






James Hussey’s ten-plus years’ experience in compositing, editing, and color grading has enabled him to cast a wide net. He cut his teeth color grading over 100 episodes of reality TV shows for VH1 and MTV, and has colored commercials, music videos, and feature films. Continually challenging himself to expand his skill set and knowledge base, James is perpetually curious. When not working out his brain, he practices Muay Thai.

Steve has been colorist on a number of films for the prestigious Criterion Collection before he took on the challenge of living abroad as the Senior Colorist for Technicolor’s Bangkok Thailand facility. There, he graded projects for countries ranging from Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iran, Qatar and the U.S. Over the years his keen eye for color has led him to collaborations with the likes of Academy Award winning cinematographers Emmanuel Lubezki, Robert Elswit, John Bailey and Lawrence Sher as well as projects directed by Oliver Stone, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Noah Baumbach and Kevin Smith.


His broad television work includes HBO, ESPN, The Food Network, MTV, VH1, The CW, HGTV, Lifetime and the Science Channel.

Zachary is a colorist, restoration artist, workflow consultant and technical strategist with over eighteen years of experience in the film and television industry. His work is focused on ensuring creative intent through restoration, end-to-end color managed workflows and high end color grading. A significant portion of his work is archival restoration for the documentary film market. He uses state-of-the-art tools like machine learned models and Python-based image processing tools to create beautiful looks and restore motion pictures. 

Ben Perez has a reputation as one of New York's go-to Colorists, collaborating with filmmakers to create the mood and look of a film. He considers color correction a powerful tool for artistic expression, that the Colorist can be as effective as the music composer on the emotional range of a scene.

His feature film credits include Michael Clayton, Spider Man 2, Duplicity, Mona Lisa Smile, Violet & Daisy, Mi America, 27 Dresses,The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and Underdog.

His TV credits include HBO's OZ, Ugly Betty, Homicide: Life On The Street, F*** That's Delicious, and Vice News Tonight, as well as work for NFL Films, NBC, CBS, and Vice Media.