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Book Club - Gary Vaynerchuk's Twelve and a Half

Book Club - Gary Vaynerchuk's Twelve and a Half

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This engaging interview features Gary Vaynerchuk and Barbara Corcoran, who come together on BookClub for an in-depth analysis of Vaynerchuk's sixth business book, "Twelve and a Half."

The conversation revolves around the twelve crucial emotional skills that have been pivotal to Vaynerchuk's personal and professional triumphs, offering valuable insights for current and future leaders looking to cultivate these attributes. The two business luminaries will dissect the book's contents, highlight where their opinions converge and diverge, and provide a stimulating dialogue for viewers.

This initiative, produced by MCM Creative, was entirely shot in our white cyc studio B, adding a polished visual quality to the thought-provoking exchange. BookClub, an online platform, brings together communities through books, author interactions, and live discussions, allowing authors to engage more intimately with their readers.

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