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Alicia Keys "Landmarks" Live

Alicia Keys "Landmarks" Live

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We did Post-Production work on Alicia Keys' live "Landmarks" show. Keys performed at multiple NYC staples, such as the Apollo Theater and the Staten Island Ferry!

"Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys is a native New Yorker from Hell’s Kitchen. Her heartfelt collaboration with Jay Z on “Empire State of Mind” instantly became NYC’s newest anthem. Her debut LANDMARKS Live In Concert special was recorded over a one-year period and showcases Alicia’s love affair with New York. As she performs at iconic venues like Harlem’s Apollo Theater and the world-famous Circle Line Harbor Tour, the city’s soul shines through the music.

Nothing in the world compares to New York City. This episode gives viewers a glimpse of New York— the place that Alicia Keys calls her home. Alicia performs at the iconic Apollo Theater, a venue where many incredible artists have graced the stage. New Yorkers are given an impromptu private show of Alicia performing on a sight-seeing cruise with the Statue of Liberty and fireworks as the back drop. The result is an incredible live performance in one of the world’s most spectacular cities."

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